27 March 2015

The Results Are In

Earlier this month Realcold conducted a customer satisfaction survey which was sent out to our New Zealand database.

Overall the results were extremely positive with the majority of our customers saying that we're in the right locations, we're accessible, our staff are knowledgeable and offer great customer service. Plus we have the stock they need and the brands they want with good pricing to match.

  • 76% of Realcold customers rate our staff's product knowledge as good to very good.
  • 88% of Realcold customers rate our customer service as good to very good with our Hamilton branch scoring a 100% very good rate!
  • 94% of Realcold customers agree that we stock the products they need.


In addition to this Realcold promotions are becoming of higher value to our customers with 63% saying they encourage them to purchase from Realcold. 

The feedback from this survey will ensure Realcold can continue to offer exceptional customer service combined with a high quality product range.

 As part of the survey, Realcold gave away a Gree Cozy 3.5kW Hi Wall Air Conditioner which was won by Gary McMillan from Hastings. Congratulations!