06 September 2021

Gree Annual Excellence Award 2021

Excellence in Partnership and Performance 

Gree President Assistant, Mr. Kevin Bai was pleased to present Realcold NZ Ltd with its award for Excellence in Partnership and Performance in the Asia Pacific Region.  Unable to visit New Zealand Mr. Bai wrote that he wanted to thank the Realcold team for the hard work to overcome the many difficulties but still achieve a record result under the impact and restrictions of Covid-19.  

Mr Bai also mentioned that November 2021 would be the 30th Anniversary of Gree Electric Appliances Inc of Zhuhai.  Over the last 30 years Gree have worked with their distributors under the principle of Win-Win cooperation to grow the business together.  Realcold NZ Ltd has been part of this team for 20 of the 30 years and he is looking forward to working with our teams to achieve greater growth in the coming year.  

Gree Business Unit Manager, Mr. Roger Lee, was happy to receive this award on behalf of Realcold and the Gree team.  Noting that this is only the second time Realcold NZ had achieved this award. Mr. Lee wanted to thank his team and all of the Realcold staff for their dedication and hard work and also mentioned the hard work being put in by our fantastic Dealer network; without their dedication this would not be possible.  


Gree Annual Excellence Award 2021